You intend to get a Hermès Kelly, Alexander McQueen Novak or a Chanel handbag… but you have a headache for the reason that of as well lots of imitations and every single couple of meals a month there is a scandal about fake brands in Vietnam, Undoubtedly no 1 desires to take house a fake (fake/phony) bag for what they could get an genuine (genuine) bag

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You intend to get a Hermès Kelly, Alexander McQueen Novak or a Chanel handbag… but you have a headache for the reason that of as well lots of imitations and every single couple of meals a month there is a scandal about fake brands in Vietnam. .

Undoubtedly no 1 desires to take house a fake (fake/phony) bag for the cash that would be adequate to get an genuine (genuine) bag. Companies and designers will never ever want you to fall into that circumstance. Though the top brands in the style business do not cease safeguarding their items with all types of increasingly complicated technical and technological measures, that does not imply that we are immune to counterfeit goods.

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< p>This post is intended to share with readers experiences to “arm themselves” in the fight with fake brands:

What to prepare ahead of withdrawing your wallet?

One particular Genuine bags are commonly designed by the designers themselves (in-residence designers) of that brand. Particularly in the group, a primary designer will take on the primary bag model of the collection. The leather material, the brand’s logo, the stitching, the tag, the signature or the designer’s personal signature are proof of the authenticity of a handbag. For that reason, the very first factor you require to do is locate out about the attributes of the solution line you are interested in.

The quickest way is to study the facts about the bag in advance on the genuine internet site or on the blogs. go over about reliable handbags (eg forum). The brand’s catalog or in-residence magazine is also a beneficial channel of facts – ask shop employees about these publications.

Verify out dependable channels

Due to the fact Vietnam joined the WTO in 2007, style and retail have been the most desirable sectors for franchising. We now have genuine flagship shops of lots of higher-finish brands to verify out. Workers at these shops are educated in the know-how of every season’s solution line. For that reason, if you require to verify a bag solution for authenticity, make an appointment with the shop. If the bag you want to verify has a “old antique” serial, the employees will schedule an appointment for the meeting. verify so you can sort. The company’s sales method also shops client facts in case the solution you want to verify is an old bag.

In case you want to get a applied bag (second-hand goods). ) at thrift shops or getting on the net, you really should deal with a reliable seller that has been verified (if it really is a transaction on a forum or Facebook) by lots of consumers.

It really is ideal to verify the solution in individual. Each and every bag generally comes with a obtain receipt, a protective bag (referred to as a “dust bag”)… ask the seller to show you them. Along with the invoice is warranty facts in case the solution is defective or the purchaser is not happy for any explanation. If the seller evades the obtain receipt, warranty facts and actual photo of the bag (from lots of angles) then it is not a critical company, the solution for sale is quite probably to be a fake.< /p>

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Tags of a Prada bag, which includes a genuine certificate (aka “Auth card”).

A further knowledge, if you have 1 Pals are fashionista – fashionisto or style stylist, seek advice from them. You can have a lot more dependable genuine purchasing addresses. The ancients taught that “trade with friends, sell with wards”, there is no explanation why lovers of branded goods can not support every other.

Never think in branded goods… low cost

There is possibly no require to clarify why a luxury bag is so costly. We all know they are handcrafted from uncommon supplies and developed by top rated designers. Apart from, the story of the brand and the media has turned the bags and handbags into a symbol of class or sophistication.

Chanel, Hermès or Louis Vuitton… do not have an “outlet” shop or a policy of promoting defective items. If you get a defective solution, the organization will exchange you a new bag. As for the defective bags, they will be taken away… “turned to gold”. For that reason, never ever squander your faith in branded bags with promotional costs. Unless, of course, you are invited to a “private sale” system exclusively for the loyal consumers of the brand or the shop.

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The Common indicators to determine fake bags

– Appear out for the stitches of the bag: is it slanted, uneven?

– Verify the tag or label: Is the facts tag inside the bag branded stamped into the leather or hand sewn? Fake bags may well not have facts, solution code on the tag.

– Verify the material: if it is genuine leather, it commonly has a quite certain smell. A further element worth noting is the weight of the bag, fake bags are commonly lighter in weight than genuine bags.

– Verify the logo and logo inside and outdoors the bag. Counterfeit goods can normally have errors in spelling the brand name, such as “Carter” as an alternative of “Cartier”. As lengthy as there is an error of any character on the logo, you can be confident it is a fake bag. You even require to spend focus to the font size, the font applied, the distance involving the letters on that logo.

Prada logo outdoors the triangle with three lines of “Prada-Milano-Dal 1913” in silver or gilded and the logo inside the rectangle has two words “Prada-Made in Italy” (Photo:

Louis Vuitton is the most counterfeited bag brand. On items, the LV logo is generally placed in the center of the bag. They never ever lie to 1 side, move onto the edges or the background, with the exception of dust bags. With leather items with 1 piece of horizontal or vertical sewing, we will have two unique logos. Having said that, in counterfeit items, the LV logo is normally disproportionate and unreasonable in size.

On multicolor items, you can generally count specifically 9 words. LV and 24 monogram flowers of unique colors. Multicolor is printed with 33 unique colour layers, which implies it has to be printed 33 instances. All items comply with strict requirements. For instance, Monogram bag straps, the words Speedy generally sew five lines in every corner. The information, engraving, plating and stamping are all quite delicate and sharp…

To guarantee authenticity, every LV solution includes a “Date Code” and a series quantity, no. ever a model quantity. Actual LV things generally have six characters indicating the date of manufacture and the serial quantity.

From left to suitable, the very first two letters are the factory letter. The final four characters are numbers, the very first and third numbers indicate the week, and the 2nd and 4th numbers indicate the year. For instance MB5007 implies MB: created in France, 50: 50th week, 07:2007.

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– Verify the inner lining of the bag. If rubbing the lining collectively tends to make it sound like you are rubbing two sheets of paper, the bag is not genuine.

– Colour of the bag: you are falling for a bag with an desirable colour. trendy, age-acceptable, but verify to see if the brand (and bag line) has ever developed any items in that colour?


Due to mass production in massive quantities, the cost of a fake bag is quite low cost. Though the cost has been pushed up lots of instances by way of the distribution method (smuggling, tax evasion), it is undeniable that there is nonetheless a massive quantity of shoppers who choose fake bags. Easy, compared to luxury bags it is nonetheless as well low cost. Even super fake bags – super fake (meticulously copied to every single detail) also make style “believers” fall in really like with the cost from time to time only 1/five of the genuine solution.

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For counterfeiters, each parties really feel that they advantage from the provide-demand connection. Particularly in building economies like Vietnam, a genuine bag is from time to time a fortune. For that reason, even even though counterfeit goods have a basis to exist, its expansion and aggression are damaging. Big loss to not only the counterfeited brand itself but also the national economy.

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