Shoe trends in women’s fashion autumn/winter 2022

Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers an insight into the key footwear directions from the catwalks to be showcased in the Fall Winter 2022-23 season.

The catwalk shoe fashions are based on the most important consumer values ​​such as comfort, functionality and durability, which are linked to sustainability concepts. Robust, durable boots and active models are refined and enhanced through the considered use of color and the careful selection of materials.

Shoe trends in women’s fashion autumn/winter 2022

Down-to-earth rebel boots

A reinterpretation of the Rebel stomp boot shifts the focus to a higher level of comfort and functionality. All-black models with chunky proportions are covered in soft leather for a more comfortable look. Thick soles are softened by crepe or molded rubber soles, with curved shapes softening the once harsh lines. Wrap lacing and drawstring complete the look.

Shoe trends in women's fashion autumn/winter 2022

Soft boots

Unlined, single-layer boots have a soft, unstructured, sock-like appeal that reflects the season’s sense of sophisticated comfort. Glove-light, premium leather and stretch-knit wrap the foot and leg like a second skin and feature subtle contrasts for added interest and durability. Lightweight soles in tonal hues and barely-there mid-heel metal heels add to the simple yet sophisticated feel.

Shoe trends in women's fashion autumn/winter 2022

Mono deadstock sneakers

The creative use of leftovers and waste materials is finding its way into the sports shoe sector. The upper is assembled and patched from single or blended fabrics, with frayed seams, raw edges, and recycled components and hardware creating a DIY aesthetic. Tonal or monochromatic tones and the intelligent use of upcycling help to ensure that the styles have a high priority.

Shoe trends in women's fashion autumn/winter 2022

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