Beer in the shoe: Heineken develops its own sneaker

The Dutch beer brand Heineken not only fills bottles with their product, but now also taps it into a sneaker.

The Heineken team has teamed up with Dominic Ciambrone, footwear designer and founder of sneaker collective The Surgeon, to launch a model of their own, Heineken announced last week. The focus of the shoe is the new type of beer ‘Heineken Silver’.

Bier im Schuh: Heineken entwickelt eigenen Sneaker
Heinekicks in the Making | Photo: Heineken

In terms of color, the so-called ‘Heinekicks’ are based on the brand’s typical green, which is rounded off with the red of the Heineken star, silver elements for the ‘Heineken Silver’ beer variety and white. Then there is the eye-catching, transparent sole, which stands out due to its yellow-gold feel. It’s actually supposed to be beer. So that this does not stick out, the person carrying it must always keep moving.

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Beer is injected into the sole of the Heinekicks | Photo: Heineken

“Partnering with Heineken for their new beer was a great challenge. We both share a passion for innovation and pushing boundaries and have created a design that reflects that,” said Ciambrone, who has made shoes for the likes of LeBron James, DJ Khaled and Drake. “The shoe not only embodies the energy of Heineken Silver, it literally carries it within. I can’t say I’ve ever designed a sneaker that actually contains beer before.”

In addition to the beer soles, there is another highlight hidden in the shoe: a hidden bottle opener in a pocket in the shoe tongue.

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Hidden bottle opener in shoe tongue | Photo: Heineken

It’s not the beer brand’s first foray into streetwear. For example, Heineken has already collaborated with the US men’s fashion retailer Union, the Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape and the sports goods manufacturer Kappa for a World Cup capsule .

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