Study via the most effective hip strengthening workout routines for runners along with some drills and hip workout routines to take your operating to the subsequent level.

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Hip strengthening workout routines for runners should really be a single of the cornerstones of any coaching program. Not only will they aid develop stability in your hips and pelvis, but they’ll also pair beautifully with glute activation drills to maintain your stride powerful and productive.

The most effective hip workout routines will strengthen your glute and hip muscles—but there are a number of non-hip workout routines to strengthen your core and legs that’ll give help to your hips.

Thankfully, studying how to strengthen your hips for operating is reasonably simple. With 16 workout routines to pick from, you will not be forced into any monotonous routines. From your glutes to your hip flexors, we got you covered.

Under, we’ll take you via the most effective hip workout routines, drills, and mobility operate so you can get started supplementing your coaching currently. 

16 Finest Hip Strengthening Workout routines for Runners

Bridges: The Ultimate

Hip Strengthening Physical exercise

For Runners

The bridge is the most effective hip workout for creating hip strength for a number of motives. 

  • It is scalable (you can make it a lot easier or tougher)

  • It is self-correcting (you know correct away if you are undertaking it appropriately)

  • It performs the hips and


    simultaneously (who does not want to save time?), which reinforces the connection in between the two muscle tissues

We’ll cover four variations right here, appropriate for the extremely newbie all the way to somebody skilled with strength coaching. Each and every variation will challenge the hips in a various way, contributing to general strength and handle. 

1. Simple Bridge

Beginning off with this variation offers you a possibility to practice feeling your gluteus medius, that side hip, functioning in conjunction with your gluteus maximus to lift your hips up. Maintain your back in a neutral position to prevent hyperextension. 

It may possibly be tempting to jump straight into the other variations, but make confident your type is spot on just before progressing.

  • Get started by lying on the ground, knees bent and feet planted firmly 

  • Your hands can be at your sides, on your hips, or anyplace that feels organic

  • Press your heels into the ground to lift your hips up, focusing on squeezing your butt to engage the


    and safeguard your low back

  • Steer clear of letting the knees drift in or out

  • Reduce hips back to the ground in between reps

two. Single-Leg


The subsequent variation will nevertheless concentrate on utilizing bodyweight only, but the demand for stability increases. By moving from a bilateral (each legs) to unilateral (single leg) movement, the hips have to operate twice as challenging to maintain your hips level. 

This is a superb variation to realize just how your hips operate when operating to avert that hip drop. 

  • The

    beginning position

    will appear the exact same as the fundamental bridge

  • This time, extend a single leg in front of you, toes pointed forward

  • Lift your hips up by pushing the heel of your bent leg into the ground

  • The temptation will be to let the hip of your straight leg drop

  • This is exactly where your hip strength comes in to maintain your hips level

three. TRX Bridge

Once more we’re upping the demand on your strength by adding instability. Alternatively of moving on a single leg, each legs now operate to counteract the movement of the feet becoming suspended. It may perhaps appear quick, but as soon as you attempt it you will really feel your hamstrings light up to help. Be confident to concentrate on maintaining the glutes functioning and do not let the hamstrings overcompensate. 

  • Get started off by propping your heels in the TRX straps and lie back on the ground 

  • Adjust your proximity to the straps so your knees are bent at 90-degree angles

  • As you lift your hips into the air, concentrate on maintaining your heels in the exact same place as when you began, i.e. do not let them drift away from your physique

  • Maintain your butt squeezed to make confident your


    are not undertaking all the operate

four. Weighted Bridge 

The final variation moves back to steady ground but adds weight. By holding a dumbbell across the hips, you will develop strength in addition to stability. If you do not have a dumbbell, attempt pinning a single finish of a resistance band below your correct foot, pull the band across your hips, and pin the other finish below your left foot.

  • Prop a dumbbell across your pelvis to load the movement and develop strength in your hips and


  • You can execute these with each feet on the ground or as a

    single leg



Activation Drills For Runners

By now you have got a superior feeling for how your hips contribute to your single-leg strength, stability, and balance. Creating on that, the following glute activation drills will aid develop that awareness. Just like the most effective hip strengthening workout routines, you will notice that even even though these are glute activation drills you will nevertheless really feel your hips functioning. Just an additional instance of how these two muscle groups operate in tandem via these movement patterns.

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For the following uncomplicated hip workout routines, you will want a tiny miniband to aid isolate the glutes, which can be broadly located on the web or in your health club. 

five. Side Stepping

  • Location the miniband about each legs above the knees, feet with each other

  • Resist the band by pushing your knees out, which is the 1st step to activating your

    gluteus medius

  • Maintaining your feet pointing straight forward and your knees pushing out, step your

    left foot

    to the side

  • Step your

    correct foot

    in the exact same path so your feet are with each other once more

six. Bridge with Miniband

  • A further variation of the bridge to truly light up the


  • Execute just like the fundamental bridge, but with the miniband above your knees

  • This is a wonderful variation to attempt in between the fundamental and

    single leg


7. Banded Air Squat

  • Get started with your feet


    apart and the band above your knees

  • Once more, resist the band by pushing your knees out

  • Gradually pull oneself down into the

    squat position

    , maintaining your back straight and knees out

  • In particular at the bottom position, you should really really feel your outer hip or

    gluteus medius

    firing as they resist the pull of the band

  • Stand back up, becoming confident to maintain your weight in your heel and prevent rocking forward onto your toes

Play about with the order in which you execute these two groups of workout routines and see if you notice a distinction. If you activate the glutes 1st, can you really feel extra engagement when performing the bridges? On the other hand, if you total your bridges 1st, are you extra conscious of your hips functioning to stabilize your leg when finishing the glute activation drills?

There is no correct or incorrect right here. It is all about creating awareness of your person physique and how you get the most out of your operate. 

Hip Flexor Physical exercise for Runners: Great For Prehab or Rehab

Lastly, let’s take a appear at how a single of our favourite mobility drills can aid you avert injury and increase your variety of motion so you can amp up your coaching.

This drill, known as the couch stretch, appears deceptively uncomplicated. It is an intense mobility hip workout that targets the front of the hip, the hip flexors (it is basically our favourite hip flexor workout for runners).

You will also really feel a large stretch in the quads of the bent leg. By functioning at the finish variety of the hip flexors, you will basically be growing your hip extension capabilities. In other words, you will be capable to swing your leg farther back behind you. This permits for a larger stride for when you want to bump up your speed. 

As for injury prevention, by maintaining slack in the muscle tissues of your quads, you are assisting avert runner’s knee. When the quadriceps muscle is tight (tight calves can be a culprit right here, also), it can pull on the knee, causing discomfort. These tight quads can also pull on the hip, encouraging it to tip forward and bring about an anterior tilt or arched low back. None of these are superior issues for a runner!

There are three levels of progression with the couch stretch, so play about to locate the correct setup for you.

eight. Hip Flexor Physical exercise 1

  • Commence on all fours at the corner of a wall or box and the floor

  • Nestle a single knee into the corner when maintaining your hands on the floor

  • Your other knee can be somewhat ahead, wherever is comfy

  • Drive the hips  forward by squeezing your


9. Hip Flexor Physical exercise two

  • From the set up above, progress by bringing your foot up by your hand

  • Maintain your hips pushed forward with engaged


  • You will really feel extra stretch in the



    hip flexor

    than in the fundamental stretch

ten. Hip Flexor Physical exercise three

  • Hit your finish

    variety of motion

    by bringing your hands off the ground and your torso upright

  • Maintain your


    squeezed to prevent hyperextending your back

Whichever version you pick, attempt to keep in the position for two-three minutes per leg to be most productive. It is most effective accomplished right after the hip workout routines and drills above so your muscle tissues are currently warmed up. 


For even extra information and facts about how your hips and glutes relate to your operating, verify out Coach Nate’s video on engaging your glutes when operating. He’ll stroll you via six additional awareness drills to maintain you operating properly and injury-cost-free.

six Further Hip Workout routines for Runners

Give this rapid video a watch to discover the most effective hip workout routines for runners. Nate will run you via a couple of uncomplicated drills to aid you engage your glutes and strengthen your hip muscle tissues.

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Run Far better With Sturdy Hips—Here’s How

Even a runner with some miles and races below their belt may possibly wonder, what’s the distinction in between coaching my hips and my glutes? You are not the only a single! The hips and glutes operate closely with each other to move your physique via space, no matter if forward, backward, or side-to-side. 

We can separate the two muscle groups for the sake of understanding their respective roles, but keep in mind that they are closely intertwined, each anatomically and in the movements they execute. 

Assume about every single step you take when operating. In the moment of influence with the ground, your physique weight is solely on that landing foot.

All sides of the hip (abductors, adductors, hip flexors) are functioning to maintain your balance, stabilize your leg, and prepare for the subsequent step forward. In the case of weak hips, the physique will contact on other muscle groups to help you, no matter if that is the glutes, hamstrings, or back.

Completed generally sufficient, this can lead to overuse or compensation injuries and an inefficient operating type. It is significant that every single portion of the chain does its share of the workload. 

Think about that your hips and pelvis are a bowl. When you set the bowl on a table, it is level. If your hips drop to a single side or the other as you run, it is like the bowl is becoming tipped to the side. What ever is inside will slosh out. Your hips are place in a comparable position, and every drop side to side can bring about difficulties such as decrease back discomfort, knees that collapse inward when operating, or IT band discomfort. 

If you are interested in studying extra, click right here to study about how hip posture impacts your operating type.

How to Strengthen Hips and Glutes

It is challenging to strengthen a single with no the other individuals.

Now, let’s be confident to realize how your glutes operate with your hips. You have likely currently heard that the glutes are the biggest muscle in the physique, and that is accurate. They are created up of 3 various regions: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. All with each other you are seeking at all the musculature from the best of your hamstrings to the bottom of your decrease back. 

The gluteus medius is positioned on the side of your leg at the hip and is generally the 1st spot to appear at when it comes to strengthening your hips and engaging your glutes. By making certain that the gluteus medius are functioning, they take some of the demand of the hips, stopping fatigue and lending strength to your stride. The glutes also aid add stability to your pelvis, stopping the hip drop talked about above.

Get started These Hip Strengthening Workout routines Now

Do not wait for a hip injury to get started strengthening your hips. Get started incorporating these hip strengthening workout routines for runners into your standard routine to enhance your energy and avert injury.

The most effective hip strengthening workout routines are the ones you basically do, so do not attempt to compile a substantial list to do with your strengthening routine. Alternatively, locate a couple of from the list above that you delight in. Concentrate on building your type with these.

And do not overlook to download the mobile app for access to even extra coaching, information and facts, and neighborhood! 


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Finest Workout routines For Hip Flexor Discomfort – From a Physical Therapist

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  • Post date: 2019-08-09
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  • Match search outcomes: A collection of the most effective stretches for tight hip flexors and most effective workout routines for hip weakness. Contains tests so you can inform which workout routines will be the most effective for your discomfort and step-by-step guidelines on how to execute them correctly. All demonstrated by a medical doctor of physical therapy. Maintain reading for extra!


    OTHER VIDEOS YOU Could Locate Valuable:

    ✅ Finest Workout routines FOR HIP BURSITIS:

    ✅ eight Workout routines FOR STRONGER HIPS:



    Discomfort in the front of your hip can be a widespread situation. Most individuals assume discomfort in this region is due to hip flexor tightness. Though this is accurate in a lot of situations, it is not accurate ALL the time.

    A lot of of us have tight hip flexors. This is generally a outcome of spending so significantly time in positions with our hips bent (sitting, sleeping in a fetal position, and so forth). With our hip flexors in this position, more than time they can undergo what we contact an “adaptive shortening”.

    This is exactly where the muscle tissues basically tighten up in this shortened position generating movement extremely painful.

    The encouraged therapy for tight hip flexors is naturally stretching.

    But what if the discomfort in your hip is not due to hip flexor tightness?

    Think it or not, some individuals can basically have weakness in their hip flexors that manifests itself as anterior hip discomfort.

    If that is the case, you totally never want to be stretching them! In truth – just the opposite. If your hip flexors are weak and if that is what is causing your anterior hip discomfort, then the encouraged therapy would be strengthening them.

    This is most effective accomplished by means of precise workout routines that are going to operate the muscle tissues in this region in the most effective way doable to aid alleviate your discomfort and discomfort.

    In this video, I demonstrate some uncomplicated tests that you can do at household to assess no matter if your hip flexors are tight or weak.

    You can then adhere to along with two-three uncomplicated workout routines and stretches primarily based on your situation to see what specifically are the most effective workout routines for your precise situation.

    Lay flat on your back on the edge of a table or counter (this can be accomplished on your bed, but if it is also soft the test will not be as precise).
    Hug each knees to your chest.
    Gradually decrease a single leg down towards the table.
    The lowered leg should really lay flat (or just about touch) the table. If not, this is an indication of hip flexor tightness and you want to stretch it out.

    Place your foot up on a chair – your knee should really be at the level of your hip.
    Raise your foot off the chair and then decrease it back down.
    Repeat this ten occasions.
    Repeat on the other side.
    They should really really feel the exact same on each sides. If a single side is weaker or if performing this test is tough, that would be an indication that your hip flexor is weak and DOES NOT want to stretch but rather desires strengthening.

    The stretches demonstrated in this video are as follows:




    Finest STRENGTH Workout routines FOR HIP FLEXORS
    If you have hip flexor weakness, these are the most effective workout routines for you:




    I hope these aid you out of some of the discomfort or discomfort you may possibly be experiencing in your anterior hip! If you did locate some relief from this video, do me a favor and hit that “thumbs up” button! Also, if you know any individual this may possibly aid please share with them by pushing the “share” button above.

    Thanks so significantly for watching right here on Tone and Tighten!!!!

    Be confident to adhere to T&T across all our social media platforms:





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